Since 2010, Manuvision has had a department in Barcelona, offering body therapy treatments and Manuvision training, and since 2016 it has also been possible to join the two year long study programme to become a Manuvision Body Therapist.

The education in Barcelona is open to anyone, who wants the English language study programme, and is structured with 5 intensive weeks a year, weekend seminars, supplemented by joint intensives in Germany and Sweden. Next group starts in January 2024.

Steffen Lundsgaard, Manuvision therapist, study coordinator and founder of Manuvision Barcelona, tells about the study programme in Barcelona:

“We started Manuvision Barcelona because of a need. People from different parts of the world – Holland, France, United States, Argentina and more – asked if they could join the education, because they see a market for body therapy internationally. Especially our work on widespread mental diseases such as stress, anxiety and depression is valued and needed in other parts of the world.“ – Steffen Lundsgaard, founder of Manuvisoin Barcelona

Manuvision education in Barcelona started in 2016 with the first Barcelona based group of Manuvision therapists graduating in 2018. In 2023 we are graduating another team of Manuvision therapists. In the Manuvision House in Barcelona there is a lively environment of Manuvision body therapists who treat, train and offer courses.

Manuvision responds to an interest and a market for our form of body therapy, which extends far beyond Denmark’s borders. An interest that accompanies an international movement towards a more body-oriented approach to the treatment of the mental disorders of the time, and which is also reflected in the research in Manuvision body therapy in the treatment of PTSD . The research results which will be published in 2024, supports the need to work through the body, when dealing with stress and other mental diseases.


The education is structured in a way that makes it accessible for people living outside Barcelona/Spain. Currently, the group consists of people who come from several places in the world – including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ukraine, Argentina, Columbia and Brazil.

The education in Barcelona is structured on the basis of:

  • 5 intensive weekly courses a year
  • 2 joint intensives in Germany and Sweden (with the groups from Denmark)
  • A three-day fast retreat a year
  • 6 weekend courses that it is possible to follow online.

The content of the education is the same as in Denmark, and the language spoken during classes and seminars is English. Find an overview of the education’s price, content and structure here


Like the Manuvision education in Denmark, part of the teaching takes place at week long intensives in Germany and Sweden, together with the students and teachers from Denmark.

Next group in Manuvision Barcelona starts in January 2024.

For more information on the study programme in Barcelona, visit or contact Steffen Lundsgaard at

Manuvision Barcelona

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For more information on the study programme in Barcelona, visit or contact Steffen Lundsgaard at